Passive Income? Not Really So Passive…

passive income

When I first started researching app development and marketing I came across a lot of websites and products talking about things like “make money while you sleep by making apps”.

That concept always sounded appalling to me, imagining what it would be like to sit on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping a pretty drink, and every now and then logging into my PayPal account to check how much money I made so far, nice, right?

Well, now that I’m making a modest income in the form of what you may call “passive income” that is, not trading my time for money, I can say that the island dream is really far from the truth.

I’ve come to learn that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If something is really easy, and anyone can do it, then no one will pay for it, or at least not much.

It took me a ton of work to get my apps set up and running in a way that makes money, and it’s still far from an amount I can make a full living on (I still have to code for a living).

I currently have 10 apps in the android and iPhone app stores, and managing that amount of updates, support and marketing is not an easy task. Launching an app isn’t the end of it; it’s just the beginning.

Of course, a lot of the tasks that I do myself can be outsourced, but there’s a cost to that as well, money, time, trust…

So if you’re thinking about getting into the iPhone app business because you don’t want to work hard, you should reconsider. Just like any other business, success takes a lot of hard work and passive income isn’t really that passive at all.

I’d love to hear your experiences with passive income and app sales, do you have anything you’d like to share?

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