Services for mobile apps

Mobile apps are the new fronteir for content and fun!

Mobile apps are today what the internet was 10 years ago and are growning at an even faster rate.

Thundercorp Mobile LLC will help you get into this market and support you in all stages of your app’s life cycle.

We offer the following services:

Concept evaluation:

We all have great ideas for apps and services that might be of interest to the market, but not all ideas are ready for the mainstream and some may seem great to you but will not work in the market.

Our concept evaluation service will help you understand the market potential of your app, the competition, and the chances for its success.

App development:

A great idea is one thing, but building it into an app is a completely different effort. Our development service will take your app from concept to reality in a short amount of time.

You don’t need to know how to write code, design interfaces or even use a computer, all you have to do is provide the concept and we will do the rest.

App design:

A great app not only has to work well, but also has to be designed in an intuitive and easy to use way. it doesn’t hurt if it looks good either.

Our design service will help you get the best user expereince for your app and focus on making your user interface simple and intuitive to use.

App store submission:

Submitting an app to the app store is an art in itself. Every day there are stories in the press about app store rules changing without notice, apps being rejected for no apparent reason and other horror stories about companies investing millions in building their app, only to be rejected upon submission.

Our team of experts will help you first build your app in a way that minimizes the chances that it will get rejected, and if rejected, will help you make it back into the app store.

Our team knows some behind the scenes app store secrets that will allow you to overcome rejection and get your app into the store even if it was already rejected by Apple! (Legally of course)

App marketing:

Marketing is everything and that is especially true when it comes to mobile apps.

Our team has over 15 years of expereince in marketing software and mobile products and we will put that expereince to use when it comes to marketing your app.

Advertising managment:

Are you thinking of making money with your app by selling mobile advertising? Well, that’s a great idea, but you will need help navigating the various ad networks and options. Did you know that some ad networks don’t have enough ads to show on your app and when they run out your app stops making money?

Let us help you manage and navigate your advertising expereince and help you maximize the revenue you get from your app.

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Featured Apps:

Running Playlist and Pace Calculator:

Running Playlists is the best source for music for runners everywhere and was featured in the following top lists:

#1 App in Healthcare & Fitness in France!
#1 App in Healthcare & Fitness in The Netherlands!
#2 App in Healthcare & Fitness in Belgium!
#3 App in Healthcare & Fitness in The Philippines!
Top 10 in Healthcare & Fitness in Croatia!
Top 10 in Healthcare & Fitness in Hungary!
Top 10 in Healthcare & Fitness in Brazil!
Top 10 in Healthcare & Fitness in Israel!
Top 10 in Healthcare & Fitness in Poland!

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Celebrity Numerology:

Celebrities have personalities too… and now you can find out which one is most like you.

A lot of your character and personality is determined by your name – the way you define yourself and how others see you.

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers. The origins of numerology are ancient, used in many old world religions and mystic traditions. It is said to have evolved from Kabala and Gimatria, the ancient Hebrew ritual of word calculations. 

This app not only shows you your personality based on a numerology analysis of you name, but it also allows you to find out which celebrities have the same personality like you do.

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Sex & Scandals Quiz:

How well do you really know your favorite celebrities and their scandalous habits?

Test your knowledge and find out using the celebrity sex and scandals quiz!

Which celebrities hooked up? Did Stephen Colbert really release a sex tape?

If you know these answers you have a chance to score big time on the Celebrity sex and scandals quiz.

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