App business models that work for me: Advertising: Revmob review

100 dollar bill - mobile fun apps review of revmob

In this post and the next few I’m going to share some business models that work for me and helped me turn my app business into a viable business.

First and foremost, and the method that makes me the most revenue, is advertising and particularly, Revmob.

Revmob is a pay per install ad service that refers users to social game apps and pays me for every install that comes from that.

Unlike pay per click, this type of model offers their advertisers a high likelihood of getting value for their advertising since they only pay when a user installs their app and not just for a click.

This also means that they can charge their advertisers more and pay out more to their developers.

I started using Revmob in May this year, and so far, I’ve earned thousand dollars from this source alone. This is more than I earned from IAP, banner/pay per click advertising, or app sales.

revmob sample revenue example

Integrating Revmob is very easy as well. Just import their library, add 2-3 lines of code and you’re done.

This service seemed too good to be true to me at first but I’ve already had eCPM on certain days of $83, and in most cases, I usually average around $15 eCPM*.

I started out with their pop-up ad model, but now I’m using full screen, since it has much better results.

They are also super responsive, I had some issues with their old SDK, and their CEO and I corresponded directly until my issue was resolved.

I highly recommend you try the Revmob service out. It will change the way you make money on apps.

I am not getting paid by Revmob for this review but the above link is an affiliate link and I do make some money if you use it. There is no difference for you if you sign up via Revmob directly or the affiliate link, so if you find this post valuable, please use my link so that I can get some benefit from providing you with this information.

* there is no guarantee of any earnings or profits from using any service mentioned in this post.


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