App business models that work for me: Advertising: AdMob review

Last time, I talked about mobclix and revmob and how I’m making money adversing with these service.

This time, we’re talking about a more “traditional” advertising source, admob, from Google.

admob is by far the least profitable source of revenue I’ve been using. I use it mostly in my Android apps, since I can’t use mobclix or revmob efficiently in them (they do support Android, but not the implementation method I’m using – long story for some other time…).

admob is a pay per click ad service, so they provide you with code that you put in your app and they serve banner ads to it.

It’s wasn’t really easy to integrate admob into my apps, definitely not as easy as revmob, but in the end, it’s still fairly simple once you figure it out.

The problem here is that admob (at least for my apps) has a very low fill rate since it’s very popular I guess, and that means that out of 100 times they have the potential to show an ad, they only show it 20-30 times. So 70-80 potential ad views are just wasted. Unlike mobclix, they are not an aggregator, so if there are no admob ads to show, your app is ad-less and you’re not making money…

They also pay very low per click, so while I’m making thousands of dollars in revmob and hundreds in mobclix, I’m only making pennies in admob.

I still make some money from this service, so it’s better than nothing, but it’s really not much and not something to build a business on unless you have massive volume that allows you to benefit from a few cents per click.

In summary, I wouldn’t recommend using this service if you have other options.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, do you use any other advertising services that make you money with your apps? Have you had different experiences with admob, revmob and mobclix?

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