Why Marketing?

Marketing is everything!

Marketing is everything when it comes to the success or failure of your app or website.

There are millions of blogs and websites out there and more are added every day. As for mobile apps, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps in the various app stores and the numbers are growing each day.

It may feel like the dot com boom all over again and now is the time to become part of it and profit from this new and exciting world!

You can of course, build it and hope that “they will come”, but hope isn’t a strategy and if you want to reach your full potential, you’ll need to market your product to make it successful.

Fortunatelly, great marketing isn’t something that costs a lot of money and if you use our services, you can reach sucess in a short amount of time.

Marketing doesn’t require a large investment, we’ve done for a low cost and managed to rank higher than popular sites with large marketing bugdets.

For websites: Our SEO (search engine optimization) expertise can help you get your site or blog to the top 10 list on google by applying proven techniques to your site structure and content. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the quality of your content! Actually, by applying proper SEO techniques, your content quality and relevance to your customers will actually increase!

For mobile apps: Working with us will ensure that you have the right strategy to make the most of your mobile app. Our proven methods will help you place your mobile app in top 10 lists all over the world and reach success.

Featured Product:

Running Playlist: Rocking on the mobile web

Running Playlist started just one year ago. Without any resources or marketing budget it quickly climbed the ranks to become the #1 website for running playlists and a top ranked app for iPhone and iPad.

Using SEO and marketing knowledge, our team first took the website to the top of several relevant search results, leading to an enormous increse in traffic (in some cases, over 8000 visitors in a single day!). This was done without spending a single cent on advertising!

We then launched a companion iPhone and iPad app, that immediatly entered the “New and Noteworthy” list on the iTunes store and has ranked in top 10 lists around the world ever since.

Best of all, we helped Running Playlist achieve its goal of getting more runners to enjoy new and exciting music while they run and become the top site in their niche.